"Long live the reckless and the brave"
My Beautiful Wreckage
Documentation of my Wreck This Journal. Trying to be as creative as possible.


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Wreck this Journal-Collect dead bugs here

"Sleep with the journal. (Describe the experience here.)"
I was laying in bed. It was dark and late into the night. I had the journal resting beside me. I rolled onto my side, facing the journal as I whispered “are you still awake?” “Yes.” The journal whispered back to me. I asked the journal “can you talk dirty to me?” Through the quietness of the night I could hear the journal’s beautiful voice singing out the saxophone solo from “talk dirty to me” by jason durulo. I thought it was the most romantic moment me and the journal would have that night but then, after the beautiful solo, the book whispered “do you want to touch me sensually?” Of course my answer was “totally” I could feel the book’s binding relaxing against my skin, the pages turning between my fingertips,  the cover creasing in my hands.  The book begged for more. Asking me to trace parts of my body on it’s pages, create an unbreakable chain between man and text. The book is pressed upon my hot flesh and begging for more ways for me to fill it’s pages. We have created a nonstop line and erased the line that decides man and book can never love.

Figured I could use a bit of the People’s Poet’s words in my copy of Wreck This Journal. 

Ugrastim ama deydi bence :D

Wreck this journal with Paige the notepad